Ruth in Whitehorse at 10 PM Ruth in Whitehorse at 10 PM

Some samples of the photographs you can find in our photo essays. We are both semi-professional photographers who have experience with medium and large format cameras, and photographic printing

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Steve and Ruth Lovejoy relocated to Salt Spring Island in 2007. With them they brought their business of almost twenty years, Genoa Systems Support. Through this medium they have provided technical literature, SQL database programming, Delphi programming of database oriented applications, audio setup and installation services, and networking expertise. Additionally, GSS will act as your office away from home; supporting your needs for office and secretarial services, fax, computer, and software support. Document preparation, layout and editing are available.

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Steve is a musician, composer, arranger, and sound man with a small in-home hobby studio. His passion is motorcycles, and long distance touring. He has written two adventure novels and over thirty songs.

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Ruth is a top-shelf cook and baker, 4th year CGA, photographic printer, and certified OCD in the area of organization.

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Miss Molly Magoo is a Doberman/Shepherd cross. Molly is a student of life, the universe and everything: her hobby is watching. Very close second is companionship of other dogs. She is a very gentle and kind dog, who actually adopted a local stray - so now we have a stupid cat too. Well, two, but Ruth adopted the other one. Molly has an arch nemesis cohabitating here as well, our cranky Meyer’s Parrot, Tiki. Tiki hates just about everything and rules the roost around here; which at 12 oz is no mean feat.



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